About Vivi

Welcome! I am so excited to see you here!


When I was 13 I decided that I wanted to dance ballet, I think it was because I saw a picture of a ballerina and thought I wanted to be as beautiful, strong and fragile as her. I was super excited and I asked my mom to come with me at a local dance school to sign up for lessons.

When we got there, the school director told me I was too old to start dancing, so we left, dissapointed, thinking that there was no way for me to dance.

And I believed them. I didn’t know better.

A couple of years passed until I finally got in touch with my first teacher, she said they were crazy to tell me something like that -I love her!-, and invited me to her own ballet school. I was 15.

I went to her class in sweat pants and socks, I didn’t do a single step right and I had the most fun I’d ever had. Since that day, I never looked back and over the years I’ve taken ballet, jazz, tap, musical theater, pole dance, tango, yoga and, my passion right now, contemporary.

Exactly 10 years after that young girl was rejected from dance school. Now, I can say that I am a dancer in my new home for the moment, Lisbon, combining my love forĀ  dancing and traveling.

the fahionable dancer


I want to make this site a resource for everyone that loves dance. I will write everything I know about dance training, health, fashion, you name it!

Weather you are a professional dancer, a student or just a person that likes to move, I want to make this site a go to place to get information, tips and also to share your own views.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below or write to me and I will be more than happy to help you out. I would love to hear from you!

All the best,