Best Black Friday Deal for Yoga Apparel!

Black Friday Yoga Club

Black Friday YogaBlack Friday is coming and you are probably wondering if you are going to find a good discount for your Yoga Outfit… Well you are in the right place to find out!

Black Friday is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and whether you are looking for and outfit for yourself or just the perfect gift for someone you love you may want to keep reading what I have in store for you.

In this post I will show you about the Best Black Friday Deal from Yoga Club and how you can get access to it.

Sounds exciting, right?

Yoga Club offers great Yoga Clothing

If you haven’t heard of Yoga Club before, I will tell you a little bit about it right here and now.

Black Friday YogaYoga Club offers you the possibility to get $160 worth of Yoga Clothing at a usual price of $79 in the shape of a subscription box. This means you are going to receive a complete Yoga outfit at the comfort of your home that is specially tailored for your sizes and personal style.

The brands that they use are the ones that we all love and know are great, like MandukaOnzie and Teeki so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products inside the box.

Click here to read my full review on Yoga Club Subscription box and find out what they are all about!

This is YogaClub first Black Friday ever so they are full of great deals!!

Yoga Club Black Friday

Mystery Bundles at the lowest price ever!

This one time deal is going to be out from November 11 to 26! So it is right now.

What is this deal about?

You can shop as many tops, leggings and bras as you want ALL at 75% of the retail price.

Black Friday YogaThis means…

  • Leggings for $20
  • Sport bras for $15
  • and Tops for $10

You have two styles to choose fromClassic – neutral prints and toned down solids – and Bright and Bold – Solid brights and bold patterns,

This is an amazing deal and it won’t auto renew for the following months.

Remember you can only get this deal for this one week (11/21 to 11/26) don’t lose this opportunity!

Get YogaClub Black Friday Mystery Bundles here!!!

Giving Tuesday – Get your Yoga Box at the lowest price

On November 27th and for this day only, Yoga Club will be offering their famous Yoga Subscription offer at the lowest price ever.

You can have your Yoga Box for $59/month!!

That is 25% off their usual price…

So if you order the subscription box on this particular day of the year, November 27th aka Giving Tuesday you will be getting at your house $160 worth of the best Yoga clothing for $59.

And this deal is FOR A LIFETIME, not for just one month.

Use the code: YOGI59

Giving Tuesday Special. $59 / Month Membership

Black Friday Yoga

What else are you getting?

By getting YogaClub Black Friday deals you will be getting amazing clothing hand-picked just for you at an outrageous price.

Trust me, you don’t see these prices everywhere!

Is there anything else to get?

Not really… you can only give now!

The Holiday seasons is a time to be thankful for all the wonderful things that happen in our life, the amazing people that we know and love and also to give.

With every YogaClub purchase you will be donating Yoga & mindfulness education to elementary school children in need. This is a giveback program carried out with their partner, LA’s Best and it is changing the life of many children.

Are these deals that great?

If you know a little bit about me you may know already that I don’t recommend products that I don’t trust. The products that I advise people to get (and use) are great quality and I trust them and YogaClub is one of them.

And these prices are awesome!

Black FRiday yoga legginsI will personally take advantage of this deal to get some Mystery Bundles as a Christmas presents for my sister! And I know she will just love it!

The Yoga subscription box is another great idea if you were thinking of getting the box for yourself and wasn’t sure. Remember you can keep the $59/month for lifetime and cancel at any time. Honestly, if you go to a store you can actually get for a pair of leggings.

So if you were looking for a special Yoga Outfit (also Pilates or any other physical activity) for you or someone you love, just go ahead and check what Yoga Club has to offer!





Yoga Club Black Friday

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