Dancers Haul and the Cutest Dance Box!

Dancers Haul Subscription box

After almost two years of no ballet training (a lot of other kind of dance training!) I decided it was time to go back to the barre. To make this an extra special come back I decided to get some leotards to add to my collection and tights, since mine were all torn!

Dancers HaulI wanted to try something different than the brands that I already know. A friend of mine recommended Dancers Haul, so I decided to check it out. Their leotards look amazing and they also sell all kinds of accessories at a great price.

Besides that, I’ve found that they have some subscription plans but the one that impressed me the most was the Kathryn Morgan Haul and that is what I want to tell you about today.

This is certainly the cutest dance box I’ve seen.

Product: Kathryn Morgan Haul box

Price: $49.99

Includes: Dance leotard, pair of pink tights and cool accessories


What is the Kathryn Morgan Haul?

Kathryn Morgan HaulThe Kathryn Morgan Haul is an exclusive dance subscription box developed by Kathryn Morgan herself and it is perfect for every dancer that is a fan of leotards and wants to get something extra special for her training.

The subscription is quarterly, meaning there will be four boxes per year and each of them has their own theme. There is one box for each season of the year so you will get the perfect box for winter, spring, summer and autumn!

The items included in this dance box are very practical and, of course, very cute. Since each box has a different theme and concept you will not receive the same thing twice, except for a pair of tights, but you can’t have to many of those, right?

You will also find that you can choose sizes for both adults and children.

One thing that I really like is that the shipment is very affordable if you live outside the US, like myself right now. Sometimes I see amazing products and they don’t ship internationally or the cost is very high and I end up not getting anything at all! I am happy that this is not the case.

Who is Kathryn Morgan?

Kathryn Morgan is a professional Ballet dancer that started dancing at the age of three. She has had a successful career as a beautiful soloist of the New York City Ballet. She stopped dancing with them in 2012 because of an autoimmune illness but that didn’t stop her from being in the Ballet world.

Kathryn Morgan HaulShe is determined to help students from all ages and she has two YouTube Channels, a podcast and a dance column!

Kathryn also created a scholarship of a $1000 for ballet training!

And after all that, she created this dance box full of wonderful items for any ballerina!

I’ve been following her YouTube Channels for a while now and she has an amazing energy and provides great tips, she is simply lovely and you can see that she put a lot of effort in creating the Kathryn Morgan Haul.

Just watch!

What’s in the box?

In the Kathryn Morgan Haul you will find around six to seven items that will change from box to box. The core of the box will be a ballet outfit that matches perfectly, according to the theme of each box.

Have I mentioned that each box is inspired by a famous Ballet character? One of my favorite Ballet character is the Lilac Fairy and it was the inspiration for the last Spring box, and my favorite so far.

Apart from the outfit you will get some accessories that are very useful for every dancer.

Some of the products included in the past boxes are:

  • dancers haulLeotard: there will always be a brand new leotard in each box
  • Tights: the tights are other constant, these will be either pink or black.
  • Legwarmers for the cold seasons
  • Skirt: I don’t wear these anymore but they are so beautiful
  • Resistance band to strengthen your feet
  • Health products, for you and your feet!
  • Point shoe bag
  • Pouch to put your accessories
  • Hair brush
  • Hair Products

With every season comes a new box, so I am guessing we will be seeing many new exclusive products.

Seasonal boxes

There is one box for each season and they are all themed and inspired on a famous Ballet character. Even the box is themed!

You can get the Winter Box in January, February or March. Last theme was Winter Wonderland and the main colors were blue and white.

The Spring box -April, May and June- came with lots of purple and inspired in the Lilac Fairy from Sleeping Beauty.

dancers haul autumn boxFrom July to September the Summer box was available. The inspiration for this one was Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The last box, the Autumn Box, is available from October to December and that will arrive to me any time now! The inspiration for this one was Giselle and I think it will be the most beautiful so far.



Kathryn has partnered with some amazing apparel brands out there such us:

  • Eurotards
  • Dancewear Corner
  • Covet Dance
  • Suffolk Dance
  • Ballet Rosa
  • Só dança

Would I change anything?

Kathryn Morgan dance boxKathryn Morgan Haul is amazing and I really loved everything that she has thrown in so far. However, since the majority of the costumers of this box go to schools with a dressing code for leotards, Kathryn has decided that from now on the leotards that she is going to include in the box are going to be pretty classic and mostly black.

While I do love my black leotards and I understand the reason for this decision, I would really love to get at least one bolder leotard once in a while, with more colors and textures!

This is something I wish I had growing up

I really enjoy getting the Kathryn Morgan Haul. It’s more that just getting a brand new outfit every season. It feels like Kathryn herself is giving you advice on how to dress and take care of you. She even sends a letter with every box!

Kathryn MorganNow that I’ve been dancing for many years I know a thing or two, but I still have a lot to learn. The point powder to dry and disinfect your toes from the Winter box is something that I’ve never used before and it’s just wonderful.

I can’t stop thinking that if I had the opportunity to have something like this when I was going to dance school, this would have made my life a lot easier. There are lots of products to choose from in the market, a lot more than 10 years ago, so it’s a real advantage that you have them preselected by a dancer with so much experience.

Some of the products included in the box are quite expensive if you buy them separately. The leotards alone can be more from the price of the whole box, so it’s really a no brainer if you think of the amount of value that you get for $49.99.


What do you think about the Kathryn Morgan Haul? Do you already have it? Are you still thinking about it?

I would love to read your thoughts!

dancers haul

8 thoughts on “Dancers Haul and the Cutest Dance Box!

  1. This is an awesome article and it is so useful for all the dancers out there.

    My nephew is really into these things. So I will be sharing this article with her for sure. 

    But I just have one question that is the price for the Kathryn Morgan Haul box is $49.99 or $4999?

    That is my only question. I’m looking forward to your response.

    Thank you for this article.

  2. I’m not a ballet dancer, I’m quite old for that, but I like cute things for my granddaughters. I have two now. Their mothers are thinking of sending them to a ballet school. My concerns are if the ballet clothes we’ll be buying from dance haul will be a good fit for small kids. Also, if they’ll last longer. I don’t want to buy something that will rip right away, most of all buying online can be a hassle for sending the product back.

    1. As far as I know they have sizes for children, but I haven’t tried those myself! 

      The quality of the product is really good, you don’t have to worry about that, I have the same concerns about buying online as well! 

  3. I enjoyed reading your review. It was very informative and something I had not thought much about. The reason it caught my interest is I have a 12 year old granddaughter who is very much into ballet dancing. From talking to her mother she enjoys it a lot and as far as I can tell she wants to keep doing this. 

    After reading your article I can see there is a lot of training involved. Guess it is like anything else, you have to practice and practice, it you want to be good at it.

    But, you gave me a great idea for Christmas; I am assuming I could order the winter box so she could have it by Christmas?

    Going to tell her about Kathryn Morgan and see if she wants to check into her YouTube channel.

    Best to you and I loved your post.

  4. I have a 5 year old granddaughter who is extremely interested in ballet! She will just love this dance box! She loves all things pink and all things with tutus and tights! She actually has some pretty decent moves already as she understands the basic concepts of dance. It sounds like the Kathryn Morgan Haul would be the perfect seasonal box to get. At $50 delivered that is pretty inexpensive considering what you get in the box. I am thinking the first box would make a perfect Christmas present for my granddaughter!

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