Eco Friendly Yoga Mats – My newest adquisitions!

Eco friendly yoga mats

For many years now I’ve been loyal to my purple Yoga mat. I found it at a local store next to my house and it was the only one they have, but it served its purpose quite well… or that is what I thought.

Old Yoga matOne day my dog decided it was time to get a new Yoga mat. He completely scratched it! I couldn’t use that one anymore.

I could have chosen the same that I had before, but this time I decided to read about Eco Friendly Yoga Mats. It makes sense, I try to be as Eco friendly as I can in my life, why shouldn’t I get something that isn’t harmful for the environment?

Why you should consider an Eco Friendly Yoga mat

The regular Yoga mats we see everywhere around $20-25 are usually made with PVC, a material that is very efficient and cheap but is bad for the environment and health. Besides, they can’t be recycled. To make a long story short: just because it’s cheap it doesn’t mean that you should get it.

green leafEco friendly Yoga mats are usually made of natural rubber or cotton rug, materials that are biodegradable and can be recycled. Besides, you won’t be exposed to toxic and carcinogenic substances.

Some years ago I wouldn’t even had considered getting a Yoga mat like this. When a regular mat cost around $20, an Eco Friendly Yoga mat is at least $80, but buying something is better in quality will actually save you tons of money in the long run!

I believe that if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle you should do it in every aspect of your life. I try to take as much care as I can of the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the creams I use and, of course, having a “healthy” Yoga mat is just part of it, it just makes sense to me.

Jade Yoga is all about green Yoga mats

Jade Yoga has been around for about 100 years producing Yoga mats, so they are experts in making “green” Yoga mats.

JadeYoga MatsTheir main material is natural rubber and they don’t use any kind of synthetic rubbers. Jade Yoga care about how their mats are made and how the workers that produce these mats are treated.

Rubber can be recycled. PVC is bad for the environment. When the Yoga mat gets old and it doesn’t serve your Yoga practice anymore, you can just use the rubber for something else, or take it to a recycling center.

I didn’t know this before but natural rubber actually grips very well! I’ve been in some studios where they had very low quality mats and some poses were really a burden for me. If my feet got sweaty the mat would start to get too slippery so I would have to continue on the floor, where I didn’t have enough cushion for my knees.

PVC actually has a decent grip and cushion, but it can’t be compared to natural rubber!

A company that cares

JadeYoga logoAs I mentioned on my post on YogaClub subscription box, I like to go with companies that care about good causes. Jade Yoga is partnered with Trees for the Future and they make sure that for every purchased mat, a tree is planted. And that is not their only cause, they are also partnered with The Water Project, Living Beyond Cancer and many others!

The ones I got!

Sometimes it can be hard for me to shop online because I just want to get everything, but it’s really important for me and for my finances that I only purchase what I am going to absolutely make good use of. After considering all the options, I got my list down to two Yoga mats.


Harmony mat

Harmony Mat PurpleThe Harmony Mat is the most popular model that JadeYoga has to offer. You have lots of colors to choose from and three different lengths of 68”, 71”, & 74”. It weights around 5 pounds, which is not too heavy.

I chose the purple mat of 68”. My first impression is that it had a strong rubber smell and I wasn’t too happy about that but it went away after a few days.

The grip is absolutely amazing, I thought my old mat was good but that is because I hadn’t tried one that was actually great. Sometimes I get insecure before doing handstands and with this mat it is just so much easier. The moment I put my hands on the mat they just stay there and it just makes me feel a lot safer than what I used to!

When I first saw it I thought it wasn’t going to be very comfortable on my knees since it looked too thin but I was gladly mistaken. I also tried a head stand and it feels a lot better than with my old mat.

This mat is not so heavy but it will remain at my home, I am not planning on taking it out unless is really necessary (well, maybe just the park when it gets sunny!).

Voyager Mat

Voyager Jade Yoga mat to travelThe Voyager mat is actually the mat that I am most excited about. Why? Because I bought it for my travels and I am already planning my next one around South America!

This mat just weights a pound and a half and you can fold it like a towel, when folded it’s actually smaller than a Yoga block so you can actually put it anywhere.

The main setback with this mat is that it doesn’t have the cushion of the Harmony, but it’s not totally uncomfortable. I am thinking that the best place to use this one is in a park or on a floor that is not too hard.

A way to invest in yourself

I am so happy with these two Yoga mats and I am really excited that I got to know a JadeYoga. This actually feels like a new beginning for my Yoga practice.

The fact that I know that these mats are going to last longer and are better for me is priceless. They are not only making my asanas a lot easier but they are not bad for my health. I am relieved to know that I won’t be breathing PVC anymore during child pose!

JadeYoga mats are considerably more expensive than the regular mats that you can find on any store, I am not going to lie. But I think of it as an investment, for me and for the environment. It’s just like eating organic or wearing make up that hasn’t been tested on animals.

I am sure of two things: After getting a Jade Yoga mat I am not going back to the cheaper, regular mats and, second, I will keep my mat away from my dog!

The Fashionable Dancer

Many brands that are Eco

Getting an Eco Friendly Yoga mat is very important because they will not only help you in your regular Yoga practice but they will not have a bad effect on your health or the environment.

I spend at least 2 hours a day on my mat, I want my Yoga practice to be better for my health in every aspect possible!

I wasn’t aware of the material used for regular Yoga mats and the materials that were used on them. I used to think that when my mat got to old I would just let my dogs sleep on it. Now that I know that it could also be harmful for them I won’t.

I chose Jade Yoga because they have a great reputation amongst yogis and their products are fantastic. There are other Eco friendly Yoga mats out here that you can choose from. I think the most important it to make a conscious decision in order to make a good, conscious decision!

Jade Yoga Eco friendly mat

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8 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Yoga Mats – My newest adquisitions!

  1. After a couple of years of ill health, I have recently started trying yoga to see if it would help me in my life and so far I’m not seeing a difference. It’s only been 2 weeks since I started but I’m just not feeling it to be honest.

    I am only using the thick woollen rug in my living room but wanted to buy a cheap yoga mat to see if it would make a difference, do you think it would?

    I don’t mind paying a bit extra to buy an eco-friendly yoga mat but only if you think it will help me get into it all more, what do you think?

    1. Hi Mathew. The reasons for getting an eco friendly mat have to do with the environment and your own health. Besides the quality is really better than other Yoga mats, I think it’s an investment and great for anyone.

      I am sorry that you are not enjoying Yoga, maybe you can take a different class! 

  2. What a wonderful article and reviews on Eco Friendly Yoga Mats!  This is actually fantastic timing.  While I am long time fitness fanatic I have only dabbled in yoga.  My personal favorite is lifting weights which I do 4-5 times per week.  I also ride my stationary bike first thing in the morning to get my blood flowing.  When I tried yoga a few years back I enjoyed it but did not stick with it.  The cool thing is my wife has recently decided to jump on the yoga bandwagon!

    She asked several of her friends regarding what yoga mat to get.  2 of her friends had the cheaper PVC mat and they said it worked fine for them.  But one of her friends has a Jade Yoga Mat and highly recommended it.  So that’s what my wife wound up getting, the HarmonyMat.  She said it smelled rubbery and funky at first but that has gone away.  Like you she absolutely loves the grip on it.

    Great article and great reviews – thanks for sharing.

    Mat A.  

  3. Hello  Vivi,

    I also practice Yoga, and I spend almost the same amount of time on it as you. Like you, I decided on an eco yoga mat, and I’m pleased with my choice. My concern is that with time, we have to clean it, do you have any advice? Which products are you using to maintain it?

    Thank you for an informative article.

  4. Hi Vivi,

    You’re a wise person by your selection. Most people don’t know that the things we do in our everyday life, including the food we eat, the cloth we wear, and other factors all affects our health. So, you made the best decision for buying this Yoga Mats even though the cost is a bit higher compared to your previous PVC Mats.

    I think your dog realize it was time to start using something that is natural and which can be good for both your health and his. 

    Besides the fact that the Yoga Mats is natural, Eco friendly and free from toxic and carcinogenic substances, it will also last longer due to it quality and I think that alone is worth buying.

    I will try this Yoga Mats the next time I need one. I even like it recycling ability.

    Thanks for being generous and sharing this article with us.


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