Should I set a Ballet barre at home?

Having a barre at home sounds magical and so convenient! How many times have you wondered how good you would get if you just had an appropriate installation to do all the exercises at the comfort of your own home?

A barre is not only the core of all ballet technique, but it’s also an extremely powerful tool for many other dance styles, such as contemporary, jazz, even Tango!

If you are a teacher a barre can be perfect for you to plan your lessons at home

Having a ballet bar at home sounds amazing, yes, but it is an investment and you should consider some factors before purchasing one!

Are you consistent at your work?

Even if barres are not the most expensive items out there, any purchase is a waste of money if you are not going to do anything with it! You don’t want to have a barre that serves you only as a clothes hunger in the long run, right? Well that is completely up to you…

My advice is that if you are in the process of making the decision to get a barre for your house would be to see first if you have some time you can dedicate to your practice. You don’t have to spend hours at it every single day, but you don’t want to leave a poor barre unattended for weeks and weeks. Even if it’s 20 minutes a day, this can help greatly in your technique!

For some, having a barre at sight will be a reminder of their need to do an extra effort and serve as a motivation. If this is your case you should definetely consider installing one at home.

When you have decided that you have the time and determination to do some work at home, there are still other factors you need to consider….

Do you have the space for it?

In order to dance, you need to move. In order to move, you need the space. It is no rocket science. However, with time, I came to learn that you actually don’t need a big studio in order to do some exercises at home.

I mean, it is awesome if you live in a house with a big living room or if you have an entire room that you can just dedicate to your practice, I would want that too. But unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Sometimes you just need to get creative, I usually make some space by moving some furniture around. The good thing is that with around two square meters you have more than enough space to set a routine, even with a barre.

Depending on the space you have, you will be able to practice different exercises… A plié, tendu and some stretches don’t require much but please, please, PLEASE! check the surrounding space before doing grand battements and pirouettes (This applies to actual classes in actual studios as well, don’t hurt people!)

In the wall or a portable barre?

Sometimes the answer to this one comes down to the space you have available, if you don’t have a wall available you just need to get a portable one, but if you can choose between the two of them you may want to think about the following facts.

  • Mounted barres are a lot more stable than portable ones, so if you want to do stretches where you put your entire weight on the bar or pull from it. However, since it is mounted in the wall you will not be able to change the placement of it easily.
  • Portable barres require a much easier installation, you are even able to assemble them by yourself and you have the advantage that you can move them around to different places of your house if you want, or even if you move to a different place, even outdoors! You really need to get a good quality portable barre if you want stability for your exercises.

Where can you get one?

I can recommend three different options to get a good quality barre for the comfort of your own home, and I wouldn’t mention them if I didn’t trust that these are good quality and are going to make a good. So here they are!

(Note: the barres that are displayed below are available for the UK and some european countries where they can deliver them, if you are from another region and you need help selecting a barre, just leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you)

Good all Amazon… Amazon is one of my number one sites for getting my items because you can find just about anything. But you have to be careful in order to get the thing that suits best to you requirements (and your wallets). I narrowed it down to the two best options for two different budgets

Manufacturer: Dream Beans and Bars LTD


This is the most expensive of the two option (£179.00 or the equivalent in your currency).

The main advantage is that you have two different heights to do your exercises. The top barre is at 104cm high ant the lower barre at 84cm approx. Top barre at 104cm high, lower barre at 84cm high (approx).

This barre is very stable, easy to assemble and, of course, portable. It is a good choice if you are determined to take your practice to the next level. Something important about this one is that it gives you the stability of a mounted barre so you can do many of the stretches you would do with a barre fixed on the wall but at the same time you can move it around at your convenience.






Manufacturer : Klarfit

Price: £99.00 or the equivalent in your currency






This option is less expensive but still very good quality. The difference resides in that there is only one barre here, but the good part is that you can adjust the height from 70 to 113cm, according to your needs. It is easy to assemble and move from one place to another! I would recommend this option if you are on a tight budget.







Manufacturer : Dream Beans and Bars

Price: £69.00 or the equivalent in your currency







If you chose to set your barre on the wall you should definitely check this one out! It is not expensive at all and you get amazing quality for this price. You can set the height of the barre you want!

The price is also determined by the lenght of the barre, so if you don’t want to spend a lot you can make it a little shorter. Having a shorter barre, however, may limit the range of exercises that you can do with it.






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