Manduka vs Jade Yoga mat – Which one is the best?

Manduka and JadeYoga are two of the most popular yoga mats brands out there. There is no doubt that they both offer great quality Eco friendly Yoga mats at a fair price. Among the yogis, I’ve found that some are Maduka fans and others are Jade Yoga fans, there always seem to be a bit a friendly competition between them.

Recently I posted that I got two JadeYoga mats for myself and why I made this decision (Click here to read my post on Eco Friendly Yoga Mats – My newest adquisitions!), but what I didn’t mention is that I also did some research on Manduka mats. To be honest, the Manduka vs Jade Yoga mat decision is a tough one and I am going to tell you why.

They both care about Nature

Trees in a forestBoth JadeYoga and Manduka take pride in their commitment of making sustainable products. They have different strategies, though.

Jade Yoga make their mats out of natural rubber and they don’t use any synthetic rubber in their process, which make Jade mats recyclable and nontoxic for your health. Jade also commits to planting a tree for every purchased mat, amongst other causes.

Manduka, on the other hand, uses high quality PVC to manufacture their PRO mats and the manufacturing process is emission free guaranteed for life. They focus on making mats that will last long so you won’t need to throw them away. Manduka has recently started manufacturing a mat made out of natural rubber as well, the eKo mat.

Different models for different needs

Jade Yoga mats offers nine different kinds of mats. They go from $39.95 to $169.95 and their most famous one is the Harmony mat at $79.95. Manduka has a lot more to choose from and the top pic is no other than the Manduka Pro at $110.

It won’t be possible for me to go over all of them but I will to my best to give you a preview of my top pics.

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

(click on the image to see full description and price)

  • Jade Yoga Harmony matLength: 68” (172,7cm), 71” (180m) or 74” (188cm)
  • 3/16” thick (5mm)
  • Weights around 5 pounds
  • It has amazing traction and cushion
  • Made out of natural rubber
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • It last about a year of intense practice

Manduka Pro

(click on the image to see full description and price)

  • Length: 71” (180cm) or 74” (188cm)Manduka Pro Mat
  • Thickness: 4/16” (6mm)
  • It is very heavy! From 7.5 to 9.5 pounds
  • Great cushion but it can be slippery
  • Many colors and patterns available
  • Made out of high quality PVC
  • Lifetime guaranteed

Manduka eKo

(click on the image to see full description and price)

  • Length: 71” (180cm) or 79” (200cm)Manduka eko
  • Thickness: 3/16” thick (5mm)
  • Weight: 7-8pounds
  • Made out of natural rubber (No PVC)
  • Various colors and patterns to choose from
  • Great grip and cushion

Differences between them

The main different between these two giants in the Yoga mat industry is the construction of the mats.

Jade mats are open cell, which means that the mat will be porous and permeable. They are great to absorb perspiration and humidity and that is why they have that amazing grip no matter how much you sweat!

Because of this exact same reason, they can be a good place to bacteria to live in so you will have to take special care of the hygiene of this mat. They will last for about one year if you practice every single day.

Most of the Manduka mats, on the other hand, use a closed cell construction which makes the material dense. The surface does not absorb humidity or perspiration and that is why they can be slippery. However, this also makes them more hygienic and easy to clean. They last many years.

Reasons for choosing JadeYoga

JadeYoga has a good combination when it comes to traction and cushion while at the same time being flexible. You have the feeling that the mat is moving with you while at the same time being stable. This makes it specially great if you are doing acro Yoga and you just need that stability for head and handstands.

No PVC or chemicals are used in the manufacturing of JadeYoga so it as Eco friendly as a Yoga mat can get!

It is a good choice if your practice is intense so that you sweat a lot or you live in a humid place. However, this mat is not meant for Hot Yoga.

Cons: It smells of rubber for the first day and they are no recommended for people allergic to latex.

Reasons for choosing Manduka

Manduka mats are great if you want something that will last for many years and you won’t have to move it around a lot, since the Manduka mats are heavier than Jade mats.

Manduka mats are very comfortable but the Pro mat can be slippery if you are sweating and need stability in your poses. The Eko mat from Manduka has more stability (and it’s cheaper as well) because it is made out of natural rubber.

Something that I really like about Manduka is that they have a wide variety of designs to choose from, a lot more than JadeYoga, so you can choose from plain colors but also some other, more interesting designs.

They are also easy to clean, a lot easier than Jade mats so this is something to consider as well.

Buy Manduka mats

Manduka vs Jade, who wins the competition?

Well, if you look at it like a competition there is no real winner here since both Manduka and Jade Yoga are great and have reputation that precedes them. Their mats are really top-notch while at the same time being friendly to our environment and your health.

So if you are considering getting one of these mats you should really think about what is best for you according to your practice and your needs as a yogi.

I personally chose the Jade Yoga for my home and for my travels but I was talking to a friend of mine that owns a Yoga studio and she told me she absolutely loved Manduka mats, since she can leave the mats on the classroom and they are really easy and fast to clean from one class to the other.

If you are looking for a better combination of grip and cushion and a mat that is not too heavy, I would go with Jade.

If you want a mat with a great cushion and you are not planning on sweating that much, Manduka Pro may be a good fit for you. They are also more expensive.

A cool option in between is the Manduka eKo that is around the same price as the Jade Harmony and contain natural rubber.

If you are allergic to latex don’t buy anything that contains natural rubber (Jade Yoga or Harmony eKo).

I’ve given you all the facts that I know about these two brands, it is time for you to make your choice!

If you do buy one of these mats or if you already have your own favorite, I would love to read your reasons. Just leave them in the comments below!





8 thoughts on “Manduka vs Jade Yoga mat – Which one is the best?

  1. I liked your articles on yoga and mats but I especially love that you share some personal information about your travels and your take on dance online courses and bar (at home) options. These are perfect for me because I am a dancer and love to do yoga-God knows the stretch and soothing aspects of yoga are good for a dancer’s soul! Keep up the great posts….I will follow you!

  2. Well, one thing I can say is I was glad to see that both JadeYoga and Manduka make their mats from sustainable products, and that’s important to me.  Of course, it didn’t make my decision-making process any easier lol.  The Manduka Pro is thicker, it appears, at 6mm, and I think that’s what I would like, even though you say it’s a little heavy.  I don’t really have to carry my mat very far, so that’s not really a concern, but comfort is for sure.

  3. Hi. These two Yoga mats seem to be competing against each other. However, if I am buying Yoga mat in order to do myself justice that I should get I will buy both. The Jade for its sweat absorbing abilities and the fact that it is eco friendly. 

    Don’t you think that I will find a way to Disinfect and deodorise the mat? 

    I will also buy the Manduka because it is durable and easy to clean. So I must get my money’s worth out of it no matter what. I don’t know for you, but , for me, I like to have two things instead of one. I would definately buy both mats.


    1. Hi Dorcas, I am glad you found this article valuable.

      As for the smell of the JadeYoga, you shouldn’t have a problem since they don’t get smelly with use. It is recommended that you clean the mat with a damp cloth on a weekly basis and, if you are using it a lot, after each usage. You can also add some vinager on it, just make sure that you do not clean it with alcohol

      Good luck on your Yoga practice!

        1. Hi Sveta!
          Jade recommends not cleaning their mats with alcohol because it can damage the rubber of the mat. You can read the detailed explanation here.
          Manduka also recommends that you don’t clean their mat with alcohol, and they even have a special product for it!

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