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As dancers, we have to support each other, and when I read another dancer writing, putting their soul out there for the world to read I just have to share it!

I am going to be posting my favorite posts from Dance Blogs (and some Yoga and Travel blogs) that I enjoy reading.

What they didn’t tell me when I decided to become a Dancer


A down to earth, beautifully written article of a dancer that realizes what it takes to become a professional dancer, after years of learning how to dance. I couldn’t express better how hard but also how rewarding this path is.

Unfortunately, this is all I could read from her since the rest of her blog is in greek! I am certain that the greek posts are as beautiful as this one.


Stop asking dance Artits to Dance for Exposure

from Dance Magazine

More and more I read about people that need dancers, which is great. BUT they are looking for dancers that dance for FREE. Well… in exchange of  “exposure”. 

Why is the job of dancers so underestimated? Would your dentist fix your teeth for free?  Are dancers a rare kind of human being that don’t have to pay for food or rent? 

I agree 100% with this article and I hope that you like it as well! 

Do you have any recommendations for me to take a look? Let me know in the comments below!

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