What should your Dance Cover Letter include?

In order to successfully apply to an audition, you are usually required to send you CV, a recent photo and a cover letter. In most cases, you will also be asked to send a video or reel. Applying for a dance audition can be overwhelming if you don’t have the tools to put together a good application.

In a previous post, I wrote about some tips to write the Best Dance CV. In this one, I will give you some advice of what a good Dance Cover Letter must include.

What is the purpose of a Cover Letter?

Dance AuditionA cover letter is basically a letter that will be complement to your CV. Whereas your CV might be general and updated from time to time, a cover letter will be specially written for the job or audition that you are applying to.

You may need a Dance cover letter for an audition to a school, a company, a scholarship, a workshop or a teaching position.

The main purpose of the cover letter will be to introduce yourself and show interest on what you want to get.

A good Cover Letter will have the potencial of getting you a place in an audition.

The artistic staff that will review your application will probably take a look at your cover letter even before reading your CV, so this is a great opportunity to get their attention and show how motivated you are.

Before writing have in mind…

As I mentioned in my post on Tips to write a Dance CV, the person selecting the applicants will probably have a lot of applications to go through, sometimes even hundreds!

Writing a letterA company director once told me that they only spend around 3 minutes with all your material. If they are drawn to it, they may spend a little more time with it, but that is all.

Why are they such bad people?

The truth is, they are not! Those are just the rules of the game and it happens in every audition or job application.

I know it sounds harsh.

You spend hours on working on the best way to write a great application to impress everyone and they are just going to spend 3 minutes with it.

But it is your job to demonstrate in those three minutes that you are worth an invitation!

You can definitely do some research to find ideas for a Dance Cover Letter. But, as any cover letter this should sound authentic so don’t copy-paste from anywhere!

And remember, each Dance Cover Letter is unique so I am giving some guidelines that I’ve learned from my experience so far but it doesn’t mean that you can add extra information or even change things.

Begin by Introducing Yourself

First things first, they need to know who you are. So start by introducing yourself casually.

I usually write my Cover Letter in a .pdf file and introduce myself in my email. So this will depend on what you think is the best for your application.

It’s a good idea to provide some information on where you saw the audition notice and some background information on what you were employed before.

It won’t hurt to mention that you would love the opportunity to audition if you are selected.

This part should be brief and can be written within a few sentences.

Why do you want this?

In my opinion this is a very important point on your Dance Cover Letter. This is the part where you explain why you want this opportunity. You can start by a sentence like:

I am drawn to -this company- for several reasons …

And then you give them your reasons. See? Easy!

It’s a good idea to refer to your background of education and performance experience to show that you are a good candidate. You can drop a name or two of the things that you have done or the people that you have worked with, but do not list too many because that is what your CV is for!

A sentence like “My CV will show you…” will be a lot more efficient for than just re writing everything you put there.

Show them that you know them

Online researchYou should show that you know who they are, or that you did at least some research on their work and that this means something to you. This doesn’t mean that you have been following them for years or that is your life dream to go to that school or dance for that Company but you have to know what they are about!

and thanks to Google this is so easy.

Most of the schools, choreographers, Dance Companies or whatever you are applying for will have a website, YouTube videos, an Instagram account. This means that if you’ve never heard of them before, you still have a chance of making a great impression.

It is totally OK to be honest and say that you didn’t know someone because your didn’t have the opportunity but that you have done plenty of online research and that you are really interested in the work that you are doing.

Why would they invite you?

I am good enoughIn your Dance Cover letter you will also have to show why would they want you to participate in an audition. This goes beyond your technique and abilities as a dancer, you have to show them your motivation. Here are some questions that you may want to ask your self as a guide:

  • Do you see yourself working with those people?
  • What do you have to offer as a person or artist?
  • Is your motivation similar to the Choreographer motivation?
  • What can you learn from this experience?

This is also a good opportunity to explain why they should choose you even though you don’t meet all their requirements. Maybe you are a little older that what they would want, or younger, or taller, or don’t have enough experience and that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to try to apply anyway.

End in a respectful manner

For your final paragraph you should thank them for taking the time for reading your application and that you look forward to hearing from them.

This is actually something that you should include in all your emails and letters!

My final advice would be…

You should really think of your Dance Cover Letter as a sneak peek of the artist that you are. If you are efficient you can write a lot in a just few paragraphs and create a great impression.

AuthenticityIf you are not so confident on your writing, just focus on writing short sentences that make sense. Read it out loud and correct the parts that you don’t feel right. Then ask someone that you trust to read you letter and give you feedback. The best would be to ask someone related to dance, like a dance teacher or someone that is used to read applications.

Have in mind that every part of your application has a different purpose so it is redundant to add information of your Dance CV on your Cover Letter.

Remember to be authentic and show who you are, you don’t need to lie about anything but you do need to make a good impression so they will consider you for an audition!

I wish you good luck and if you have any questions just drop them below!







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  1. Vivi,

    I can see that you have really put some valuable time developing this wonderfully constructed website.  The design and detail of the website itself is astonishing.  I was very impressed of the colors, content, and setup of the entire website with additional links that branch off describing concepts and subjects more in depth.

    My wife was a national champion dancer when she was a teenager.  I do know a little about dance just from hearing her stories.  Many of the posts you have in this website brought back memories of when my wife used to tell me stories of her dancing career.  Before my daughter got involved in sports, she also spent three years dancing in her younger ages.  I used to enjoy the costumes and choreography that was detailed at her recitals.  I always enjoyed bring her flowers to show her my appreciation of her hard work.  I always tried bringing the most outrageous bouquet of flowers in the entire auditorium to make her proud.

    I will recommend this site to any dancer mom or young lady involved or looking to get involved into dancing.  Again, very nice job as I certainly can see you have a passion for this topic.  Please continue to deliver outstanding content as you are very good!  So is this site!

    1. Gary,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by. Your kind words mean a lot to me. I always love when someone gives me flower after a performance. I specially love it because when they start to die I dry them in a book and then I get to have a beutiful memory of a beautiful moment. 

      You don’t have to be a dancer to appreciate this art form. I am glad that you are one of those !

  2. This will be very helpful to persons struggling to write a cover letter that will spark interest. In a competitive world, it’s essential to know how to sell yourself on your application. The cover letter is the first impression of an individual. Some employers don’t look beyond this. If it is  an impressive cover letter, then of course the person reading it will be interested in your qualifications.

    It’s great that you have used  a specific topic to get the point across clearly and it is indeed straightforward. 

    Awesome post.

    1. Thank you Brenda. I used to be in the position of not knowing what to write on a Cover Letter and I made so many mistakes along the way until I started asking the right questions to people that knew more from me. But it took me a while. 

      I want to make this information accessible to as many people as I can.

  3. Thanks for such an eye-opening article. You are so right, the cover letter is the first impression that any one will have of you – whether it is a dance application or a job interview. It WILL make or break the next step in your journey. The funny thing is this, so many people discount it and do not spend enough time formulating it an being relevant.

    Great tips and thanks for the reminder and sharing your thoughts.


    1. Thanks Michelle. Absolutely. There are so many sites out there that give you examples of what a Cover Letter should say and many students end up copy-pasting the whole thing when in reality any recruiter will want to read your own words. This apply to any kind of job or application as well!

  4. Thanks for the very informative posts about dance cover letter, I didn’t know there were so many things to consider first. I think a lot of people will get the invitation thanks to your honest and helpful advice.

    I also have a question, do you know any good dancing school for teens? this would help me big time.

    1. Hi Isaac, I would love to help you finding a good dance school, but it will depend on your location and if I know schools in that area, could you provide more information about this please? 

  5. It can be scary, exciting and frustrating all at the same time when writing a cover letter for a job vacancy. This is especially true when it’s your first job or when you don’t really believe that you are the right person, or have the right credentials.

    So, a post such as this one that is specifically written for dance auditions, will be a great help to anyone who wants a career in dance.

    Whilst a cover letter should be short and to the point, I believe that it should also convey the applicant’s desire and enthusiasm in wanting an invitation to the audition.

    1. Hi Suzie. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you 100%. Applying for a job can be scary but you need to build your confidence, for those dancers who are still struggling with confidence, some Dance Affirmations would come in handy! 

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